UK Organ Scandal: Baby Sunaina body taken from UK to India

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Sunaina with parents 15 hours before death
Normal baby: No sign of Edwards Syndrome
Unlawful organ removal evidence not investigated
Cotton wool found in eye sockets at mortuary

The family of 5 month old baby Sunaina Chaudhari have been asked by the Serious Crime Command Detective Chief Inspector John MacDonal to produce further evidence to enable UK Police to re-open the criminal investigation into her sudden and suspicious death in a British hospital following massive drug overdoses.  Baby Sunaina's body was moved from the UK to a Delhi mortuary, India, after UK authorities threatened to destroy the body.  The evidence of unlawful organ removal was omitted from all investigations.


Jan 2000: UK Doctors advised termination to the parents at 21 weeks gestation saying left diaphragmatic hernia (DH) would kill the foetus (stomach growing in chest) before birth, at birth or immediately after birth, but parents refused to terminate pregnancy.

25/05/2000: Sunaina was born On 12 October 2007 weighing 1.92 Kg in Essex, UK.  Mother had to beg for the operation.  She was told baby would not survive.  Mother feels they did not want to pay for it. (It cost over 10,000)

01/06/2000:Diaphragmatic op in London was a success

01/08/2000: Sunaina was discharged home on low flow oxygen and ranitidine to dry stomach acid to help recovery from DH op. 

16/09/2000: Sunaina had "normal" examination in OPD clinic, "she has made a remarkable recovery"..."smiling, following fixing, cooing"

A few days later, the Home Care nurse was complaining about the cost of syringes and the continuous feed whilst Sunaina's stomach was still recovering from the DH op.

26/09/2000: Tesco pharmacist in Essex gave adult dose of ranitidine 150mg/10ml...dose 10ml twice daily, instead of 3mg, three times daily (ranitidine was prescribed to dry her acid whilst stomach lining was thin).

01/10/2000: As a result, Sunaina had her first admission to hospital with blood oxygen level of 54% and difficulty in breathing after a total of eighty times overdose of ranitidine...

04/10/2000: Overdose continued to be prescribed by several paediatricians and supplied by a hospital pharmacist on another 9 occasions in hospital.  When the Guys Poisons were consulted, they were told that Sunaina had been given one single ten times dose (rather than 170 times doses).  They advised monitoring, but this was not done.   Sunainas blood oxygen level fell to 37.4%. Ranitidine was continued for another 3 weeks without allowing the levels to come down from the overdose.  One of the doctors who had advised termination, ordered the oxygen to be disconected.  Mother reconnected it as she was trained to do so. 

20/10/2000: Doctors ordered London Borough of Redbridge Social Workers to obtain an Emergency Protection Order on the basis that parents did not agree with doctors that it was in the best interests of the baby to be allowed to die.  Sunaina was sitting unaide.  She had gained weight to 4.5kg

26/10/2000: Sunaina died suddenly at 11.05am whilst parents were in court to overturn the Protection Order.  She had been prescribed potassium chloride injection 12 hours before her death and given 3 doses immediately before death (Potassium chloride is given as last lethal injection in death row in the USA).  Allegations were made by parents to Coroner and Police at 12.30pm that Sunaina had been murdered by doctors.

30/10/2000: Evidence on the post-mortem report suggests organs were already removed at the hospital where death occured 4 days earlier.  PM was conducted on frozen samples and tissues. 

31/01/2001: Family allege that the second post-mortem was faked.  Parents took the picture of the baby's face with the eyelids lifted to show cotton wool balls in the eye sockets.  Coroner maintained all organs were there.

12/02/2001: Family took a video and photographs of the hollow eye sockets.  Baby had a typical organ-removal cut (groin to neck, behind the ears to top of head) rather than a PM cut (groin to chest to shoulders).

11/09/2001: Coroner held a jury Inquest but orchestrated a cover-up by forbidding the jury to make any allegations of a deliberate killing.

03/01/2002: Dissatisfied with the failings of the two post-mortems and Inquest, the family submitted an application to the Police for a reopening of the Police investigation (which had earlier been part of the Inquest only).

26/02/2002: Court of Appeal application C2001/2060, Lord Justice Sedley stated that the Applicants had the legal right to bring Criminal or Civil cases.  Administrative Court, Mr Justice Burton in application CO 324/2002 also confirmed this.

10/2002: Mother collected 12,000 signatures calling for a public Inquiry into the death

04/11/2002:  Further, the family filed a private prosecution in the City Magistrates Court against 9 doctors and nurses.  The Court failed to file the application, stating that they needed the evidence that potassium chloride harmed the baby.  

11 Dec 2002: The mother wrote to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain asking for an investigation into the drug overdoses.  She wrote again on 11 March 2007 to complain about their failings and delays.  The mother also complained to the GMC against the doctors, pathologists and medically qualified Coroner.

A few years later the family was informed that the mortuary where the body was being stored was demolished and that the body had been moved to a new location, but the family was not informed of the new location.  When the family members visited to view the body, the mortuary was indeed not there anymore.   

March 2004: During court action by six doctors (including a pathologist) under harassment law against mother and aunt of Baby Sunaina, Neelu Chaudhari, aunt of Baby, a qualified pharmacist, compiled an Expert Report with evidence of the ranitidine and potassium chloride drug overdoses given to the baby as well as the deprivation of oxygen.  The sisters were asked to submit Consent order to remove website material (currently found on, type "" in the way back machine) under duress to avoid paying over 100,000 damages to the 6 doctors.  A British judge turned it into a Restraining Order, unlawfully taking away the Human rights of the family to demonstrate and seek justice in the British courts. 

20/12/2006: London Borough of Redbridge threatened the family that they would destroy the body of Baby Sunaina.  The family pleaded that they themselves wanted the body and the missing organs returned to them so they could carry out the missing investigations and then the funeral.    

15 Feb 2007: The family was shocked by the legal action taken by London Borough of Redbridge, (the same Local authority that took out the 20/10/2000 protection order), that if they did not do the funeral in 28 days, the Redbridge borough would destroy the body of baby Sunaina.   

March 2007:  The family instructed the Birmingham branch of the funeral Directors Dignity, to assist them in the location and repatriation of the body to India after the London branch of Dignity failed to assist.  This was effected on 17/3/2007. 

26/04/2007: Sunaina's father, an Indian Citizen, wrote to the Prime Minister of India on 17/03/2007.  An Order was issued by the Prime-Minister of India to conduct the urgent post-mortem on the body of Baby Sunaina dated 26/04/2007. 

24/08/2007: An Order was issued by the Govt. of NCT of Delhi to conduct the urgent post-mortem on the body of Baby Sunaina. 

27/09/2007:  The Delhi High Court of New Delhi did not need to order the post-mortem on the basis that the orders for the post-mortem have already been given by the Prime Minister of India and the Govt. of NCT of Delhi.  One of the accused doctors, working in the UK at the time of Sunaina's death, is believed to have been an Indian Citizen in the UK at the time of the baby's death in the UK.  Indian law applies to investigate him in India.

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