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Press release dated 22/08/2007 by Ashok Agarwal Advocate

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CASE OF BABY SUNAINA whose body is awaiting decent funeral for the last 7 years has been taken up today by Delhi High Court on a PIL filed by Social Jurist, A Civil Rights Group and Sunaina’s mother Sadhana Chaudhari through Mr. Ashok Agarwal, Advocate. The parents are dissatisfied with the UK authorities investigation and are desirous to have the matter investigated including post-mortem of the body of Sunaina by Govt. of India.  The PIL sought direction from the High Court to the govt. to forthwith undertake a full investigation into the death of baby Sunaina Chaudhari, including a full post-mortem on the body of baby Sunaina Chaudhari presently stored at Penzy Morgans Mortuary, Pahar Ganj, New Delhi.

On 22.08.2007, a Division Bench (T.S. Thakur & Kailash Gambhir, JJ) of Delhi High Court have asked the Central Government and the Delhi Government lawyers to act fast and take instructions in the matter and inform the Court on 03.09.2007.  The Court has also asked the Central Government to take logical end what they have stated in their letters dated 26.04.2007 as referred to in para 26 of the PIL.

That in order to find the truth behind the death of baby Sunaina, the govt. should immediately undertake full investigation including a full post-mortem on the body of baby Sunaina at the earliest so that the body of baby Sunaina can be laid to rest, argued Mr. Agarwal.

Ashok Agarwal, Advocate, M-9811101923


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